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About Anxiety Care UK

Anxiety Care UK is a non-profit registered company based in East London that specialises in helping people to recover from anxiety disorder and to maintain that recovery. This involves helping to plan, initiate and carry through personal recovery programmes. Research shows that most sufferers are able to undertake this structured work without input from the psychiatric services, although it can be a lot easier to do with the help of a skilled recovery support worker such as can be provided by Anxiety Care UK.

Anxiety Care UK offers support which can be long or short term according to the client's need. Locally, we offer support & recovery groups. Nationally and locally we offer support through our recovery information email service and on-line chat room.

Current research suggests that up to a quarter of the population will experience an anxiety disorder during their lifetime. It is also the most common mental health disorder occurring in adolescents with as many as 13% of 9-17 year-olds having the problem in any one year. One doctor states that anxiety disorder may dominate sufferers' lives and that only chronic heart disease produces more disability.

It can be seen from this that anxiety disorder is a legitimate and potentially disabling problem. It should not be ignored for this simply allows the disorder the opportunity to grow worse. If you think that you or a member of your family may have an anxiety disorder, look at the extensive free literature on this site. It covers a wide range of anxiety and allied problems including a section on guilt, obsessional thinking across the disorders, and a booklet for carers.


Registered office: 8 Nicholas Court, 3 Wallwood Road, Leytonstone, London E11 1DQ
Company Registration No: 07813120

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