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Chat Room - Terms of Service

Online Facilitators Role

At Anxiety Care we believe in "helping people to help themselves", therefore the role of our facilitators is to:

  • Explain the methods that we use here, i.e. structured recovery work (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.)
  • Give information about our services & how to access them.
  • Stimulate discussion.
  • Encourage group members to participate.
  • Keep the group focussed on the task of recovery.
  • Try to ensure that everyone is given the space to be heard and to explore their issues.
  • Focus on the Anxiety Care ethos while respecting the opinions and views of others.


  • We welcome and encourage visitors to discuss their own experiences of anxiety and give and/or gain support for this.
  • Please try to focus on only one subject at a time - more than one ongoing conversation can be distracting for both visitors & facilitators.
  • Please respect the opinions and views of others.
  • Please - try to work together as a group.

Guidelines for Under 18's

Remember to stay 'Cyber-smart'! - There's some great stuff on the net, but some bad stuff too. It's important to be careful when using the internet and remember these SMART rules!

S Keep your personal details Secret. Never use your parents' credit card without their permission and never give away your name, address or passwords - it's like handing out the keys to your home!
M Never Meet someone you have contacted on the internet without your parent's/carer's permission, and then only when they can be present.
A Don't Accept e-mails, open attachments or download files from people or organisations you don't really know or trust - they may contain viruses or nasty messages.
R Remember that someone online may not be who they say they are. If you feel uncomfortable or worried in a discussion room simply get out of there!
T Tell your parent or carer if someone or something makes you feel uncomfortable or worried.


Users of the discussion rooms should understand that nothing said there comprises medical diagnosis. A qualified medical practitioner should always be consulted if diagnosis of an anxiety disorder is required. Users should also understand that working with a discussion room facilitator does not constitute structured counselling.

Facilitators work together as a team, communicate as a team and hold regular confidential reviews of their work with clients. Whilst Anxiety Care maintains a policy of strict confidentiality, it is recommended that all clients keep their personal details private within the groups.

It should also be noted that Anxiety Care cannot monitor the discussion rooms at all times. "Advice" and recommendations purporting to come from charity facilitators, offered outside advertised moderated times, should always be checked by e-mail. Contact and head the message "Advice Check".

Please remember that the Anxiety Care Discussion Room provides live chat rather than a message board, and as such, we are unable to reply to messages left when no Anxiety Care facilitator is present, such as outside of facilitated chat sessions. In these cases, if you wish to ask a question of an Anxiety Care UK recovery support worker, please email

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