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New! Anxiety Workshops commencing 7th Feb 2017.

Relaxation CDs from Anxiety Care UK

'Inner Peace' by Peter Phelps (DIP.SACH.HYP. AHA)

'Inner Peace' by Peter Phelps

'... a hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and counsellor with two thriving practices in East London.'

'... relaxation and visualization techniques created to enable you to achieve deep and calming relaxation in your own home.'

CDs are priced at 6.50 each, plus 1.50 postage and packing.

To order the Inner Peace CD by Peter Phelps please send us your name and address (in block capitals) and a cheque for 8.00, which includes 1.50 postage and packing to our registered office address:

8 Nicholas Court
3 Wallwood Road
London E11 1DQ

Listen to a sample from the 'Inner Peace' CD

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